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Violence against men also exist.

Do not silence any more. Win your fear and shame. Are you a victim of maltreatment or false dennounces? Call us.

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Opinion and information
Shared Custody.
Programming of male.
Divorced fathers, battered fathers.
The way media inform us. Censure.
Parental Alienation Syndrome.
Maltreater women.
Affected Colectives
Battered fathers.
Children of separated parents.
Grandparents separated of their grandchildren.
Second wifes.
Objection against "Edution to the Citizenship".
Written plea of the Platform to the Institutions.
Written plea of the FACC to the minister of justice.
I am not a tolerable cost.
Demand contentious-administrative against the psichosocial teams of the Courts.
Congress and conferences.
María Sanahuja.
Francisco Zugasti.
Francisco Cabanillas.


Particular cases
Political trial against judge Ferrín Calamita
Victoria Innes Carrascosa.
Law against gender violence.
Law of divorce.
Law of equality.
Law of family mediation.
Law of abortion.
Question of unconstitutionality about Law of gender violence.
Lies of feminists.
Privileges of feminists.
Feminazis and assimilated.
Maltreater women.
¿Shelters or business?
Ana María Pérez del Campo.
Personages and little personages.
Lobby gay.
International situation
Spanish justice
Separated fathers, battered fathers. Separation process.
False dennounces.
Quick gender trials.
Prevaricator judges?
Incredible sentences.
Inconpetent lawyers?
Inconpetent procurators?
Psichosocial teams of Courts.
Meeting points.
False reports.
Administration of justice.


Radio program "Políticaly incorrect".

Interview to José Luis Requero.
Interview to María Pía Sánchez.
Interview to Francisco Serrano.
Centro Reina Sofía..
Home Office of Great Britain.
USA Justice Department.
Canada Justice Departament.
Australia Justice Departament.
Nueva Zelanda.
Group fathers and children.
Association for the study of maltreatment and abuse
Maltreatment industry
Institute of women.
Subventions: beneficiaries and use of them.
Association Themis.
Companies that colaborate with hembrists.
Persecution of the dissident/oponent.
Psichosocial teams of Courts.
Brigand psichologists.
Law of gender violence and other lies of hembrists
Meeting points.
False dennounces.
False reports.
¿Shelters or business?
"Privileges" of battered women.


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Unlike women, who in Spain have all kinds of assistance (legal aid, official protection floors, paid training, financial benefits, etc.), men face allegations of abuse (most of them false) and separation requirements set forth in unfair conditions, without any knowledge or having the right tools.

Who has not proven false notice or demand for separation from his wife that had been being prepared since months behind? Who has not seen how he had been deducting bank documents, photos, etc.? Who has not been expelled from his own house standing on the street? Who has not run with a fraction of its income not enough to survive being forced to seek assistance from family and friends? Who has not suffered the consequences of being represented by a lawyer lazy and/or incompetent and/or coward? Who has not suffered from psychosocial false report if not simply invented? Who has not been away from his children without cause by an unjust sentence?

Our association offers professional services for those with experience in these matters and do not conform to the "politically correct" or "usual in these cases." Lawyers, psychiatrists, detectives, etc. Experienced in these sad cases.

We maintain a hotline to answer queries from our partners.

We promote and carry out studies and conferences with which expose the actual data and not false and/or manipulated offer to us in the media supplied by the radical feminists and political lackeys.

We try and drive changes in the law holding meetings with legislators by showing them the reality that we suffer unjustly, offering studies not only Spanish but also of other countries in which it is clear the falsity of the basis on which legislation has been passed and the serious damage and chilling consequences for society in general and children in particular, that the current legislation is having. we do not forget to press them. We track news published in various media on these issues. In cases where the news is lacking in the truth (the vast majority), we require them for timely correction also to issue the same to all possible media.

We promote meetings of partners in which they exchange experiences and share knowledge to avoid that other partners to fall into the same trap.

We perform acts and public demonstrations to draw attention and raise awareness in society about this serious problem.

All these actions are expensive to maintain as needed the financial support of partners, who in any case, are only investing in their future and the future of their children.


The annual fee is 80 € (eighty euros). This fee entitles the Association services at prices below market, provided by capable and experienced professionals whose main goal is to end this situation of injustice and institutional abuse.

If you are interested in partnering and/or work, follow these steps:

Make an income at Caja Madrid, account number 2038 1866 9160 0013 3438. Association Projusticia. Do not forget to write legibly your full name and ID in the form of the bank. Ask the bank staff to type in the computer to be closely monitored.

Send us your personal data by email ( or mail to PROJUSTICIA. Tórtola street, 12, 28420 Galapagar.



Photocopy of DNI.

Recent photo.



Copy of annual fee income.

Court where the lawsuit is pending.

Following these steps you will have full access to the services of the Association. We will contact you to assign the appropriate professional, provide documentation, guidance for action, etc.


Any help is welcome.

Information, articles, news, ideas, initiatives, etc.

Remember that you can be injured at any time. Unjust laws end up hurting the society as a whole for the benefit of a small group of people.

If you do not need our services but want to work with us, contact us and send us your information.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.


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Services of PROJUSTICIA: lawyers, psychologists, ...


Hembrists. Their lies, prebends and privileges.

Asociation of artists against gender violence. This group is one of many who join the business of institutional abuse. The grants of public money are generous and abundant. The conscience and ethics are conspicuous by their absence. Here is an example.

Centro Reina Sofía. Centro Reina Sofia is the only public body that studies violence. But their practices leave much to be desired



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If you have any doubt or information to give us, contact with us.

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Make income on account of Caja Madrid number 2038 1071 4160 0085 6496 to name Asociación PROJUSTICIA. Do not forget to review legibly your full name and ID number on the form of the bank. Ask the bank to enter it into the computer so that it is better recorded.


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Servicios de PROJUSTICIA: abogados, psicólogos...