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Equals at law?

We are a group of people that have seen and have suffered on our bodies the malfunction of the administration of justice in Spain.

We have seen how institutions with legislative powers have been developing more and more discriminatory laws and unfair against a portion of the population by the mere fact of being male, even eliminating the presumption of innocence.

Organic Law 3/2007 of 22 March for efective "equality" of women and men.

Article 13. Proof.

1. According to the procedural laws, in those proceedings in which the plaintiffs' allegations are based on discriminatory actions by reason of sex, the respondent shall prove the absence of discrimination in the action taken and its proportionality.

For the purposes of the preceding paragraph, the court, ex parte, may request, if deemed useful and relevant, report or opinion of relevant government agencies.

Laws drafted in such a way that anything is crime so that even a complaint can not be considered false regarded the wording "he had called me ugly", "he told me you're going to find out". Because according to the law is punishable by jail what is or is not criminalized in the Penal Code. That is, they can condemn you for anything.

Organic Law 1/2004 of 28 December on Integral Protection Measures against Gender Violence.

Article 37. Protection against abuse.

Article 153 of the Penal Code, is amended to read as follows;

Who by any means or process causes another mental impairment or injury not defined as a crime under this Code, or hit or maltreat another without causing injury, when the victim is or was the wife or woman who is or has been linked to him by a similar emotional relationship even without cohabitation, or particularly vulnerable person residing with the author, shall be punished with imprisonment from six months to a year or work in the community benefits from thirty-one to eighty days, and in any case, deprivation of the right to possess and carry weapons froma a year and a day to three years, and where the judge or court deems appropriate to the interests of the minor or incompetent, disqualified for the exercise of parental authority, guardianship, wardship, foster care or up to five years.

We have seen how the courts apply these laws without allowing men can defend or even be present at trial in which he is the accused because he has not been quoted or keeps you in the dungeon.

We have seen how are created various agencies such as commissions, observatories and even exception courts as courts of gender violence are, composed of unscrupulous persons to which only moves the economic interest and/or hatred toward men. Agencies which may make false reports with the sole objective of maintaining its lucrative business.

We have seen how is created and sustained an industry of child maltreatment based on false data that are avent until nausea in the media. Hiding, for example, that most of the child abuse is committed by the mother or that there are as many or more men killed by their partners than women murdered by their partners.

We have suffered seeing how our children are condemned to an artificial orphan for the sole purpose of promoting economically to the mother (mother only has the name) and the maltreatment industry that protects her.

We have seen how are created privileges, prebends and royalties, mostly of economic nature, by the mere fact of being a woman.

We have saw how are persecuted and condemned to social ostracism and even jail anyone who dares to say publicly what is happening.

We have suffered the inability to educate, caring, giving affection and even see our children based on aberrant laws based on lies, false data and abracadabra theories that are the basis of rules, conducts and judicial practices, administrative arrangements, which violate the most basic human rights, causing irreparable damage.

We have suffered sentences for absurd allegations of facts impossible to happen or that are not punishable under the Penal Code with the only evidence of the word of the complainant woman that is lying causing even the laugh of the Court that despite all condemn by rule to male imposing criminal and civil penalties.

We have suffered the spoliation of our patrimony at the hands of an administration of justice which always benefit one of the parts by a single reason: be a women.

These are some of the reasons that have decided us to work to eliminate this unequal treatment of citizens based on their sex. So although we will not be restored the damage we hope that future generations do not suffer these injuries.

We lead on to men who have suffered false accusations. On many occasions without being married or even without knowing the accuser. To those who have suffered unfair judicial processes in which they have been prevented even the chance to defend.

We lead on to the children of separated parents who have suffered the consequences of having been away from a normal relationship with his father and extended family. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect, 1996, compared with children who keep dealing with their father, children growing up without keep contact and relationship with his father, are:

5 times more likely to commit suicide.

32 times more likely to leave home.

20 times more likely to have conduct disorders.

14 times more likely to commit acts of sexual abuse and precocity.

9 times more likely to drop out studies..

10 times more likely to abuse drugs and chemicals.

20 times more likely to end up in prison.

We lead to extended families Grandparents, uncles, cousins, friends, etc.., who lose the deal completely with their grandchildren, nephews, cousins, etc.., by the whim of a woman who believes the owner of their children and that can do with them what she pleases, even kill them.

We lead to the second wives who are battered by the pressure of the former wife of her husband and subjected to an unworthy life watching as their economic resources and of all kinds are diverted by a judicial sentence to enjoy the former wife of her husband, even at the detriment of the interests of their own children. Even her husband died, the second wife has to share, if not resign, widow's pension with the person who destroyed the life of her defunt husband.

We lead to those who advocate equality of persons before the law, as proclaimed the Spanish Constitution. Equality that in cases of separation and divorce should start by default shared custody of the children, except in those cases in whichthe father or the mother are a danger to children. In countries where joint custody applies, the divorce rate has fallen by up to 90%. "No business, no divorce". But in the same proportion has dropped the misnamed domestic violence, the rate of school failure, unwanted pregnancies among adolescents, drug use, etc.

In this link,, we can access one of the most extensive, serious and comprehensive about child maltreatment. It is produced by the Department of Health and Social Resources of U.S.A. From this report of year 2004 we can deduce the following data:

Child maltreatment perpetrated by the father or mother in the company of others (other than the mother or father):

in company of other persons

That is, the possibility that a child is abused by the mother alone or accompanied by her new partner is 2.33 times greater than the possibility that it is abused by the father alone or accompanied by his new partner.

These data vary slightly from country to country within the Western world. But there are values that are virtually constant as: sex of the perpetrators, victims by sex, types of abuse, etc. Curiously, the suicide rate in Western countries is almost constant. Men commit suicide three times more than women under normal conditions reaching eight times more when a separation or divorce.

These data are once again expose the falsity of gender feminist dogmas that require the need to remove the child's father and keep the chil under the "protection" of the mother. These figures are virtually identical, among others, the ones from UNICEF or the Queen Sofia Center for the study of violence.

And we begin disclosing:

The lies that radical feminist organizations broadcast from comunication media.

The real data from scientific studies on domestic abuse.

The money that moves the radical feminist industry and in what is used.

Who are the visible heads and the largest recipient of the industry of maltreatment. How they treat women. We will also see how to battle them.

How hembrists operate against those who dare to publicly declare their lies.

Then everyone is free to draw their own conclusions.

Finally we appeal to the families of fathers and children who are suffering these situations. We refer in particular to grandparents, aunts and uncles and especially the female members of the family. Unfortunately in the spanish courts, even more so in the courts of violence on women, the male is treated as a suspected if not safe guilty. In such a way that their gestures and words will be interpreted as threats and insults and in any case will be used against him. On the contrary, nobody dares to make such an interpretation (or you are not invited to make it) of a grandmother who does not see her grandson or an aunt who does not see her nephew; a mother who sees his son treated like a criminal by the bad faith and/or despite of whom was his daughter-in-law who comes to leave in absolute misery even depriving him of his dignity. The same applies to the sister regarding her former sister in law.

The schedule of staff of the courts, since the judge until agent, is from eight o'clock to three p.m. The hours public service is from nine o'clock to two o'clock.

The court buildings are publicly available and nobody can prohibit entry. Every day it deems appropriate, even day in, day too. It is easy to see how the staff arrives late to work and leave early without justification and without anyone admonish them. It is easy to see how far from realizing their work, they spend time talking about topics unrelated to their job or call by phone to their relatives or their friendships. It is easy to see how the staff is absent for settling personal affairs such as making the purchase. It is easy to check the days to leave for vacation, Moscoso, courses, conferences, celebrations, etc. Meanwhile, the files get eternal in cupboards, tables, chairs, floor, etc. Without being processed or being lost. All that remained at the expense of the State Budget.

It is not difficult to get to talk with the officer, clerk of the court or judge, and expose the situation. It is not difficult to tell the malices that the former wife has been and is being able to commit to such harm by a simple question of defiance and/or economic interest even at the cost of harming the children and even to herself as long as they do harm to her former husband. It is not difficult to explain the false documents, false injuries caused by the "victim" herself, false witnesses, false income in shelters, the false medical treatments, etc. It is not difficult to explain as children are carried to perfection with the father, in he few moments that the judicial decision allows, while the mother performs the work of alienation against the father during the many hours that for a court decision she has.

The same applies to schools and doctors that sometimes deny information to non-custodial parents.

Nobody dares to neglect a grandmother. Even less to kick her out.

Organic Law 6/1985, 1th July, of the Judiciary.

Articles 234 and 235

It have been confirmed the ignominy of the members of the Constitutional Court and their submission to whom has facilitated them the job and the salary. The integral law against the gender violence has passed the "filter" of, the high Court?

Immediatily, the minister (of equality?), very flemish her, shows the feminazi spirit that chairs its mandate making it clear that they will not allow anyone to leave a milimeter of the marked line.


Feminazis grow and warn (others will say that is threat and coerction) to anyone who dares to break their criteria. Nothing new under the sun. The world predicted by Orwell is becoming increasingly close. Some animals are mor equals than others and all monitored by Big Brother. Not in vain gender feminism is nothing but the embers of the died communism that could not finnish removing the cell of the patriarchal society: the family. According to the aberrant doctrines of Marx and Engels that have produced so much damage, murder and genocide in the last century. Given that most of the leaders of gender feminism demonstrate their lesbianism, it is a sarcasm that those who have voluntarily given up relationships with the opposite sex, tell us how must be the couple relationships. It is a sarcasm that those who have voluntarily waived to motherhood, tell us how must be the relationship between parents and children.

The cascade of new regulations even more interventionist, favouring females and criminalising males, is not going to wait. They already have implemented the Ministry of Truth and not take much to adopt an old attempt to silence any opposition: the crime of advocating terrorism sexist. A few months ago the government has already approved the closure of websites by simple administrative decision without judicial intervention.

Feminaziss, followerss of the tenetss of Valerie Solans exposed in its manifesto of SUM woman, will not give up until they achieve its objetives with the complicity and support of the indolent stupid politicians that we suffer. Followers of the Chamberlain style.


Manifestation Madridfebrero 2008 for Shared Custody.

Against false denounces and the Parental Alienation Syndrome.



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