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News Date
Michigan House passes bill that could make using wrong pronouns a felony, fineable up to $10,000 30-06-2023
Supreme Court rules against Biden’s plan to erase up to $20,000 of student loan debt per borrower 30-06-2023
Colonel 'forced out of Army' after stating 'men cannot be women' 29-06-2023
Biden's assistant secretary for health says "gender-affirming care" for minors — meaning irreversible sex reassignment surgeries and puberty blockers — is "mental health care" 26-06-2023
Parents protest school after first graders allegedly force girl to perform sex act, record it on iPad 05-05-2023
Parents Say They Weren’t Notified After Trans Teacher Allegedly Threatened To Shoot Up School 13-04-2023
Trans woman left sobbing in JFK Airport after TSA agent hit her testicles: report 26-03-2023
‘I Am Caesar’: Dad Uses Costume To Troll Pro-Trans School Board 08-03-2023
Teacher fired for being on OnlyFans now earns more than six times her annual teaching salary 05-03-2023
Woman pleads guilty to killing 'best friend' after stranger she met online offered her $9 million to do it 22-02-2023
Number of child abuse victims in the United States in 2021, by perpetrator relationship 21-02-2023
Reported crimes with female victims have higher clearance rates than crimes with male victims, and reported female criminals are less likely to be arrested 16-02-2023
Why Canada has the most activist Supreme Court in the world — and how it's changed the country 03-01-2023
Irish Gov’t Begins Jailing People Who Refuse To Use ‘Gender-Neutral Pronouns’ 14-12-2022
“Sasha” shows us his awards as women’s state champion for surfing in Western Australia 12-11-2022
Judge loses patience and orders mother’s arrest at Athy court 09-11-2022
Kate Weatherly took the top spot on the podium at the Phoenix Enduro in New Zealand this past weekend 01-11-2022
‘Disturbing’: Experts troubled by Canada’s euthanasia laws 11-08-2022
Cristiano Ronaldo Rape Lawsuit Dismissed By Judge 11-06-2022
George Soros, Clinton and Obama staffers and European governments are behind anti-Musk campaign to force big corporations to boycott Twitter - after Elon demanded to know 'who funds these organizations? 04-05-2022
EU warns Elon Musk over Twitter moderation plans 26-04-2022
Boris Johnson Says 'Biological Males Shouldn't Compete In Female Sports' 06-04-2022
Canada Will Soon Offer Assisted Suicide To The Mentally Ill 06-04-2022
Oklahoma Lawmakers Vote To Make Abortion Illegal With Prison Time For Those Convicted 06-04-2022
Statement On Disney’s Support For The LGBTQ+ Community 11-03-2022
The British Needle-Spiking Panic 20-02-2022
Women Bullied At Work: Here’s Why Your Female Boss Doesn’t Support You 19-02-2020
Father killed himself after being asked for £11,000 child support, inquest told 04-06-2015
Mom guilty on all counts in international custody case. 12-11-2009
International custody continues to baffle local attorneys judges. 04-11-2009













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